The requirement for business to provide an annual Risk Assessment has resulted in the need for a highly competent Inspection process, and that accurate information be made available.

The Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order (RRFSO) requires the Responsible Person, or nominated representative, to ensure that the passive fire protection “Fire Doors” in all non-domestic buildings are inspected regularly and are in a condition to perform to the desired fire rating.

The general aim is to get an annual Fire Door Inspection completed on your estate by a qualified Fire Door Inspector, but in some cases your business model and usage may dictate that this be completed twice annually.

Fire Door being inspected

We can inspect your Fire Doors and provide accurate information on the status and condition of this important yet often overlooked asset.

Our inspection, which includes a schedule, along with a visit report, reviews all essential elements of the Fire Door and updates the client on any area that needs further attention. Where possible we would also work with any available floorplans and cross reference door numbers with locations.

In addition, or where building information is not available, we would aim to look at your compartmentation and only focus on doors which, by means of their location, would be deemed Fire Doors.

Having carried out many inspections, we have developed a format that works for everybody. We believe in providing information on what actions are needed rather than simply generating information about the existing situation.

Fire Door Inspections help you keep records and carrying out regular maintenance saves long term damage to your important assets.

Think of this as an MOT for your door - without an annual service, wear will take place and the expected performance will be affected.

What our clients are saying about us

Paul came to the rescue with my badly installed fire door. I was lucky enough to find him on a Google search. Without doubt he is one of the most professional people I have used. He is extremely courteous, fantastic timekeeping and you know exactly where you stand with pricing invoicing and such. If I had found him from the start, it would’ve saved me a rather annoying experience. Top-class all round !

August 2020 - Apartment Landlord - Slough | Berkshire